Geography: Kish is located in the Persian Gulf 19 km from mainland Iran and has an area of around 91 km² with an outer boundary of 40 km and a nearly elliptical shape. Along Kish's coast are coral reefs and many other small islands. The Island is positioned along the 1359 km long Iranian coastline north of the Persian Gulf, at the first quarter from the Hormuz entrance to the Persian Gulf. Its longitudinal and latitudinal positions are 26. 32N and 53. 58E degrees. undefined The Island is 15. read more on 45 km long from west coast to the east coast (the distance between Mariam Complex and Hoor field). Its maximum width extending from the southern shorelines to the northern shorelines is 7. 5 km (the distance between Gomrok Port and the lighthouse). read more on The island's surface is flat, lacking mountains or even high hills. Kish International Airport is built in the center on an elevated area 35-40 meters from the sea level
Climate, Nature, and Geobotany: Kish, like the other Persian Gulf Islands, especially the islands in the Strait of Hormuz, is located on a narrow strip of tropical vegetation in the Northern Hemisphere, with the Persian plateau to the north and the Arabian Peninsula to the south. In addition to its special geographic and climatic attributes, Kish Island, like other nearby islands, such as Forur, Hendurabi, Shatuar and Lavan and even Qeshm, is under the sway of the semi-equatorial climate dominating this band of vegetation. . undefined  
Weather: Since vital climates are influenced by the combined effects of rainfalls and humidity and are measured by the ratio of the size of annual rainfalls in millimeters to the degree of temperatures is less than 2 to 1. According to this measure, Kish's climate is considered to be a very dry semi equatorial climate. For an 8 years span of time, the median annual rainfall in Kish has been 145 mm (54% in winter, 28% autumn and 14% in summer) and the annual temperature 26. 6 °C. The relative atmospheric humidity in Kish makes it like a sea island except in cold seasons. copyright The humidity is about 60% most of the year. read more on In the months of October to April, Kish's weather is mild, ranging between 18 to 25 °C. read more on The statistical data in the Kish free zone's archives show that the island's temperature varies form very hot to moderately hot, accompanied by relatively high humidity often interspersed by heavy rains of short durations in certain seasons. With the exception of some southeastern coastal areas and a few other islands in the Persian Gulf, Kish Island has the longest sunny hours in the region which is roughly 3100 hours a year. read more on Based on climatological classification and general weather conditions and nearness to the Tropic of Cancer and exposure to high tropical pressure system and being in the midst of hot and shallow waters, the island tends to be hot and humid most of the year. Climate Temperature Kish has a warm and humid climate with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. read more on The weather is temperate and pleasant in fall, winter and two months into the spring. Humidity The humidity is high in the majority of the months of the year.

Top Tourist Attractions in Isfahan

1. Greek Ship

The Greek ship has been anchored on the southwest coast of the island since 1966. The ship was built in Britain and changed owners several times before reaching the last owner, who was Greek. The ship finally went offshore of Kish, and though an attempt was made to save her, it proved futile, and she has remained in place since.

2.Marjan Beach (Coral beach)


Marjan beach is located on the east side of the island and is named for the beautiful coral that can be found. The coast is lined with pergolas, which, along with the palm trees and landscaping, provide an especially panoramic view. This beach is a particularly popular site to watch an unforgettable sunrise. Many of the sea sports clubs are also located there.

3. Kariz Underground City

Water is a scarce resource in many parts of Iran, ancient Iranians came up with the qanat system gently sloping vertical wells that lead water into arid areas. Kariz is one such 2,500-year-old qanat, and visitors can take a walk through its tunnels and get an up-close view of this kind of system. The tunnels extend a few miles, making Kariz look more like an underground city. This ancient structure has been preserved but modernized with the addition of handicraft stalls and a traditional teahouse.

4. Harireh Ancient City

Harireh built in the 8th century is located in the central, northern part of the island. Harireh offers a glimpse of ancient architecture, and though not much of it has remained intact today, the ruins suggest a once thriving region.

5.The Twin Water Reservoir

The Twin Water Reservoir was rebuilt in 1993 upon remnants of an existing water reservoir, and the architecture is highly reminiscent of the water reservoirs of Yazd. The badgir (windcatchers), an ancient Persian architectural structure used to create natural ventilation, help to keep the water at low temperatures

6.Kish Sea Turtles

On the southern and western coasts of this coral island between the months of March and August, hawksbill turtles come out onto preserved lands to lay their eggs. These beaches give tourists the opportunity to view these giant turtles swimming against the waves back into the sea. 

7. Penguin snow park

This newly built park is located at Kish Island, Penguin Recreation Complex offers sports and recreation halls, shooting and rock climbing, shopping centers, dining rooms, and other facilities with a magnificent view of the Persian Gulf.

The Penguin Recreation Complex Snow park is one of the tourist attractions of the tropics, the final snowfall phase of this park was completed on the Yalda night which brought the first snow to Kish Island during its history.